Our Plan to Fix Six

A message from the Group Leader

Councillor Graham Sheldon

This is not a normal foreword, nor is this a manifesto. That’s because this isn’t a normal election.

In normal elections all of the parties set out their priorities for Oldham, both in terms of their action plans and deliverable policies. 

Covid-19 has changed the face of Britain, none more so than in the Borough of Oldham. A fundamental change in the way people work, interact and live. It has highlighted that there is a lack of trust between Oldham Council and the people who pay for it, that is why we believe there is a need to fix the basics and deliver better public services.

Oldham’s Labour Council is bulldozing decisions through with neither consent nor input of local people; a Leader who has shown to be petulant, immature and prone to angry and emotional outbursts.

Sticking plasters won’t work anymore.

As much as I would like to imagine myself as Council Leader in May, with my newly   elected Cabinet around me, I recognise that this is not vision many voters have. We will not merely shout from the side-lines, but rather we will challenge, scrutinise and propose alternatives, which is why we have set out our list of priorities. 

Labour and the Lib Dems are two sides of the same coin.

Both Labour and the Lib Dems agree with each other on most things and no more so was that shown when both parties rejected the will of the people of this Borough when it came to Brexit. That contempt still exists today. We want a Council which considers all options and alternatives for the benefit of all. We are a team made up of people who will bring real experience and great expertise from the outside world into the Oldham Council chamber. 

However, we ask people who don’t usually vote or the 'shy Conservative' to help us. Indeed, we may need people who have never considered voting Conservative before to do just that!

For some, that will be a big step.

If you seek an accountable, balanced, and fair Council then vote Conservative. 

We will work with all parties and those of none to deliver a better Borough.

Sadly Labour is not putting our Borough first and the facts on this speak for themselves:

· A cinema that was £30 million over budget.

· The failed Prince’s Gate project, costing £3.3 million.

· Two failed Coliseum theatre plans, costing £3.2 million.

· Hotel Future, costing £418,000 and has yet to be built since 2011.

· Lending £24 million to Manchester Airport.

· Spending £9.5 million during the pandemic on a Shopping Centre.

The list goes on and on.

Oldham Labour Council are now neglecting the districts and neighbourhoods that make up this Borough. They intend to gamble everything on red and on Oldham Town Centre, yet they can’t manage their current projects nor fund vital public services.  Unlike Labour we will fight for excellent quality public services.  

Our candidates originate from diverse backgrounds and professions, but are united in a pursuit of public service. We dedicate ourselves to being the strong opposition our town so desperately needs. At this election in May, the voters of this Borough won’t just be asked to decide who runs our town, they’ll be deciding who provides the opposition too. 

We ask for your vote.

Please see attached our priorities for Oldham.


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