Brownfield development funding for Bailey Mill?

Since burning down in 2016 Bailey Mill in Delph has become an ‘eyesore’ according to Saddleworth Parish Councillors Luke Lancaster & Max Woodvine who are now calling for the derelict mill site to be redeveloped. 

Cllr Luke Lancaster has been seeking updates from Oldham Council for over a year on the intention to progress a development proposal, but progression has been slow and limited to date.

However, the government have announced a new £400million Brownfield Land Fund, which has been allocated to authorities, including to Greater Manchester, to build around 24,000 houses and save greenbelt in the process.

Cllr Lancaster said:

“The lack of progress to date is immensely frustrating as the site remains an eyesore. Sustainable and safe development should of course be pursued. If it is financial viability hindering progress OMBC should apply for funding from the government.”

Parish Cllr Max Woodvine said: “Rather than building on protected land at Knowls Lane or Stonebreaks brownfield sites like Bailey Mill should be redeveloped. It looks like a bomb has been dropped; houses would be an improvement.”

An Oldham Council spokesperson said:

“Unfortunately, this is not something I would envisage being achievable in the short term. The condition of the site will continue to be monitored in the meantime.”